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To address your questions about our products and locksmith services, we have listed some frequently asked questions below

You will surely find our answers helpful! Find out what transponder keys are and why lock replacement is still necessary even if the doors still lock properly.

Why do locks need replacement if they lock okay?

If you'll wait till the locks won't secure your home anymore, you'll run the risk of burglaries. Locksmith Spanaway insists that new deadbolt installation will secure your home efficiently and the keys will be new, so they won't break.

What's the transponder key?

It's the key of modern cars. It communicates with the central security of the vehicle and works with a tiny chip. Every transponder key is unique for each car and these systems have been developed to reinforce the security of vehicles.

How do I check the condition of locks?

If you don't use all doors on a daily basis, make it a habit to open, close and lock/unlock them a couple of times occasionally. Check whether the strike plate is tightened and adjusted and that the latch bolt extends fully. Lock repair solves problems.

What are the optimum screws for my lock?

It is all about the hinges and screws as far as our technicians are concerned. Avoid those locks that are not mortised or ones which have fewer than three levels. This will mean that you can enhance the security of the property.

Are my children safe with conventional locks?

In a lot of ways, they can be safer because the current high-grade technology when it comes to modern locks can be quite complicated, which could lead to a few sticky situations with your kids. Simple locks will indeed help your children as it is safer for them to operate in the event of any kind of emergency.

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